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2005 October

Archive for October, 2005

Cross – Browser Compatibility

How does your site look in any of the major browsers? Not everyone is using Internet Explorer to surf the Internet these days or even their desktop computer. Are you prepared to loose visitors because your site uses proprietory coding or just doesn’t render properly in all browsers? Can you afford the lost sales? Is […]

Improving Download Speed

Improving download speed of webpages is important to the success of a website. Internet users are impatient with slow websites and will move on if the webpage takes too long to render (also known as download). There are a few things you can do to improve download speed of your web pages which include implementing […]

Uncommon Fonts

Using uncommon fonts in your web page or website can be a problem. Windows based and Mac based computers come with different fonts installed by default. One problem web designers have is that they forget that the average computer user may not have the same fonts installed on their machine. Once you add a program […]

Website Design Mistakes

Have you ever visited a site and just left? What caused you to leave? Couldn’t read the site? Couldn’t navigate the site? The site required a special plug-in to view the site or a portion of it? The web page content was not useful or informative? The web page broke in your chosen browser? The […]