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2011 January

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What is Organic Link Building?

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your website or blog is to build organic incoming links to the site. Each organic link is a vote for your site without you doing any work other than providing great content and keeping it up to date. In this article we will cover: What is […]

301 Redirects: What You Need to Know

As you learn more and more about search engine optimization there are all these terms and things you need to learn. Today we are going to learn about 301 redirects, what you use them for and why you need to use them. First of all you need to know what a 301 permanent redirect is. […]

Are You Linking Out? You Should Be

A lot of people are afraid to incorporate linking out into their websites and blogs. This is caused by a fear of loosing the visitor to the site you linked to so people do things like open a new tab or window to supposedly avoid loosing the visitor. Today we are going to show you […]

Internal Link Building Strategy

Continuing with our link building strategies topic, today we are going to look at some basic internal linking techniques you can apply to your website or blog. Internal link building is one of the easiest ways to create incoming links to the pages of your website or blog. You have total control, unlike when someone […]

How to Maintain a Website

Owning a website or blog has it’s responsibilities. You can’t just upload it and forget it. Regular website maintenance is a must if you want your site to be successful. Why is Website Maintenance Important? With regular website maintenance your site will run smoothly. No disgruntled visitors because something on the site didn’t work or […]

Test Web Page Download Speed

The speed at which your web page(s) load has always played a part in the success of a website or blog. If your website or blog loads slowly, the visitor will just leave. Web surfing people are very impatient. It doesn’t matter how they are accessing your site, if it’s slow you are not going […]

30 Day Blogging Challenge at V7N

Web Page Mistakes will be participating in the V7N’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Each person participating is required to create a blog post each day for 30 days starting January 3, 2011. You can post to a single blog or multiple blogs you own. We will be spreading our entries over 3 blogs. Click the […]