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2013 January

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What About Nofollow Links?

There is much confusion about nofollow links around the various forums we visit so today we are going to gather up all the reliable information we could find about the nofollow attribute and place it here. Read through and make your own decision whether getting a link from a blog or site that uses the […]

Using the Title Attribute with HTML Elements

Learn about the title attribute, where you can use it to improve the accessibility and usability of your website or blog. A great user experience spins off into incoming links and general word of mouth mention of your site.

A Home Page for Each Category & Folder

Does each category and folder of your site have a “home” page? This might not be a problem for all of you but if you are a DIY website owner you might have forgotten to do this. Folders Without an Index Page If you create a folder (say an image folder or one with your […]

Building Incoming Links

Learn how to build incoming links on-site and off-site to improve the popularity of your website or blog and improve your standings in the search results.

Website URL Structure

Learn how to create a user friendly and search engine friendly url structure for better result standings and click thrus.