Web Page Mistakes was created to help people realize common mistakes in web design and how to fix them.

There are tons of lists of web page mistakes and website mistakes on the net but no one seems to offer any help as to how to fix these web design mistakes.

With each post we will look at common web page and website mistakes that web designers new and old make and how to correct them.

Generally, the solutions shown will be non program specific. This means that the coding solutions will be standards compliant, cross browser compatible, and can be created without a specific HTML editor. All you will need is a plain text editor like Notepad.

Posts related to images will be kept as non program specific as possible.

WWW stands for World Wide Web. The internet is available to all types of people with all types of capibilities. Here you will learn solutions that will accommodate all that use the internet. Usability and accessibility are important to all successful websites.

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Web Page Mistakes

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