Accessibility 101: Tips for Improving Accessibility

Glenda Watson Hyatt will be starting a series of accessibility related posts on her Do It Myself Blog starting the first week of June to coincide with the National Access Awareness in Canada.

This promises to be very informative as Glenda would be giving first hand experience. If you don’t know Glenda Watson Hyatt, she is a woman with cerebral palsy that has written and published her autobiography plus has become known as the Left Thumb Blogger.

The topics she plans to cover include:

  • Tips for communicating with People with Disabilities
  • Ways to improve accessibility of blogs
  • Making your writing accessible
  • Making job interviews accessible
  • Making job postings accessible
  • Increasing your attitude’s accessibility

On the other ideas list:

  • How to make locations more accessible
  • Simple customer accommodations

She’s looking for other topics her readers would be interested in, so pop over to her blog and leave your suggestion or question.

Update: Accessiblity 101 Tips Launched

The Accessibilty 101 Tips series was launched May 13, 2008. Glenda’s first guests were Emese Szücs, Manager of Accessibility Programs, and Karen Thompson, Project Coordinator, from Social Planning and Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) discussing Access is Everyone’s Business. This first interview discusses a few simple things businesses can do to make their businesses more accessible.

You will be able to find all the tips under Accessibility 100 at Glenda’s Do It Myself Blog.

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