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Using the Title Attribute with HTML Elements

Learn about the title attribute, where you can use it to improve the accessibility and usability of your website or blog. A great user experience spins off into incoming links and general word of mouth mention of your site.

Are Your Podcasts and Videos Reaching All Audiences?

If you have done any research on social networking, podcasting or the use of videos to attract readers to your website or blog, you will find that podcasting and inserting videos into the web page/post is highly recommended as a marketing tool. Today in Glenda Hyatt Watson’s Accessibility 100 series she brings up a very […]

Is Your Blog Accessible?

How accessible is your blog (or website for that matter)? Today’s post in the Accessibility 100 series at Glenda Watson Hyatt’s Do It Myself Blog covers 5 Ways to Increase the Accessibility of Blogs. Add Accessibility to Your Blog We have covered some of the points Glenda brings up here at Web Page Mistakes before: […]

Accessibility 101: Tips for Improving Accessibility

Glenda Watson Hyatt will be starting a series of accessibility related posts on her Do It Myself Blog starting the first week of June to coincide with the National Access Awareness in Canada. This promises to be very informative as Glenda would be giving first hand experience. If you don’t know Glenda Watson Hyatt, she […]

Opening the Lines of Communication

With the advant of computer technology, the internet, blogging software and assistive technolgy a whole line of communication has become available for those living with disabilities. Today we’d like to share how technology has been key in opening the lines of communication for a person living with cerebral palsy. Previous we hosted an interview with […]

Disable Right Click

Some websites use a script to disable the right click function of the mouse (the right mouse button). Let’s look at whether it is really worth using a disable right click function. PopUp Windows When someone has set up their browser to ignore/disable popups (hand up!) and you have used a script to disable right […]

Using Javascript on Websites

Using Javascript on websites is not a new thing. Javascript has been around for quite a while. It gained a bad reputation in the past because hackers would (and still do) include malicous scripts on web pages. Now Javascript is being used beyond the typical applications in the past with the advent of Web 2.0. […]

Effective Colour Contrast

Have you taken a serious look at the colour scheme your website uses? Are all parts of your web page visible to everyone? Some times when we pick a colour scheme for our website we forget that there are people with poor vision and colour deficiencies. Even website visitors with “normal” vision can have difficulties […]

Blogging Against Disablism

Blogging Against Disablism Day is back again this year. A group of bloggers will be blogging on May 1, 2007 about disability and the discrimination against persons with disabilities. Last year disabled and non-disabled bloggers wrote about disability discrimination in the education system, employment, health care, families and other forms of prejudice. If you wish […]

I’ll Do It Myself

Glenda Watson Hyatt’s 40 Blogs in 40 (Business) Days Tour Glenda Watson Hyatt of Soaring Eagle Communications has just self published her autobiography, I’ll Do It Myself. Web Page Mistakes is honoured to have Glenda here today for an interview as part of her 40 Blogs in 40 Days Tour to promote her new book. […]

Does Your Website Have to be Accessible?

Accessible websites have come to the forefront of people’s minds with legal actions being taken against websites that are not accessible. As a website owner you may think this doesn’t affect your small business, association or non profit website but it does. Let’s take a look at accessible websites beyond the buzz word accessible, the […]

Image Alt Tag – Image Alt Attribute

Do you use the image alt attribute (mistakenly called the alt tag by some) properly on your website? By not using the image alt attribute (image alt tag) you are missing out servicing the visitors to your website that have images turned off, those who use assistive technology to surf the Net and the search […]

Flash Based Websites – Flash Movies

Flash is a technology by Macromedia that creates animations, interactive websites and other fancy features that can be embedded into a web page. The Flash file is called a movie file. Once the file has been downloaded it will “play”. You probably have already encountered websites containing Flash movies. Some designers use Flash to create […]