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Free Web Hosting VS Paid Web Hosting

With the economy the way it is right now, new entrenpenurs are looking for ways to save money in their startup costs. Every one seems to be looking for free web hosting but they really don’t understand the cost to their business by doing this. If you are reading this after the recession of 2008-2009, […]

Website ROI

Your website is an investment in your business and as such, you would want a return on that investment. We’ll look at website ROI in this article and why it is good business sense to invest time and money into your website. First, let’s look at ROI (return on investment). ROI (Return on Investment) ROI […]

How all Your Web Pages Fit Together

To better understand how all the different web pages fit together on your ecommerce website (or any website actually) let’s look at different scenarios of how someone can enter your website. Remember that a person can enter your website on any page that is indexed by the search engines, they won’t always arrive to your […]

Web Hosting Checklist

Expanding upon the web hosting checklist we started in our small business web hosting article, here’s some more features to consider when making your decision on a web hosting company: Control Panel A control panel is used to maintain your webspace. There can be links or icons on the main page of the control panel […]

Choosing a Web Designer

The next part of our Starting an Online Business series will cover Choosing a Web Designer. Web designer is a very broad term so you need to make sure the person you choose to create your website has all the skills and knowledge that will make your website successful. Before you contact anyone for a […]

Small Business Web Hosting

If you have been following along with our Starting an Online Business series you will have some of the information already on hand to help you determine the type of web hosting your online business will require. Get your target audience research out, you will need it. You don’t need to sign up for web […]

Registering a Domain Name

In previous articles we have covered why you need a domain name, determined your target audience and chosen the domain name you would like to have (with a couple of back-up names in hand). Now it’s time to actually register your domain name. Before we work through the registering a domain name process, there are […]

Choosing a Domain Name

In our Starting an Online Business series we have already covered projecting a professional image by having a business domain name and how to determine your target audience. Now it’s time to tackle choosing a domain name for your online business. Choosing a Business Domain Name Choosing a business domain name can be one of […]

Determine Target Audience

This is the first step in our Starting an Online Business series. In this article we will look at researching your targeted audience before selecting your business domain name. If you have done any research on how to market your business you will see a repeated theme, determine your target audience. This holds true when […]

Business Domain Name

Presenting a Professional Business Image As a business owner you really need to consider purchasing a business domain name to appear as a professional and creditable business. Small business owners often start out with free web hosting provided by their internet service provider or through one of the free web hosting sites. Also when starting […]

Website Design

Some things to keep in mind when working with your web designer to create your website theme: Heading Structure Heading structure is important not only to present a clear structure to the web page but also in consideration of those using text readers and the search engines. Heading tags are used to define the headings […]

Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business can be quite daunting whether you are comfortable with computers and the internet or not. There are all kinds of ads and articles on how to start an online business for free. Web Page Mistakes was created to help new and exisiting website owners see what website mistakes there can be […]