Internet Explorer 7 Has Been Released

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 today (October 18, 2006), have you checked that your website is still working properly?

In the past Internet Explorer has been a forgiving browser. Internet Explorer would take a poorly coded web page and try and render it pretty close to as it was intented (unlike standards compliant browsers).

Also, a lot of websites contain coding that only works in Internet Explorer. If you check your website in another browser (say Firefox) you may find that some features you have included will not work/appear in other browsers.

Although I have not seen any specific features for Internet Explorer have been deleted it would be wise to check your website and make sure it still works in Internet Explorer 7 and the other more popular browsers available.

Sometimes in the past it has been a challenge to get your website to work as intended in Internet Explorer and the standards compliant browsers. Looks great in Internet Explorer but falls apart in other browsers, or visa versa. Now, you are going to have to check that all those “fixes” or “hacks” that you or your web designer implemented to get your web design to work in Internet Explorer and other browsers as intended are needed or even now break the web page design.

Changes in Internet Explorer 7

With this new browser Microsoft has made some changes to come more in line with the coding standards. Here’s a few basic changes that may affect your web design:

  • Cascading Stylesheets

    Internet Explorer 7 has improved support for CSS Level 2 (CSS2).

  • Alpha Channel Transparency to PNG

    Support for Portable Network Graphics (PNG)’s Alpha Channel Transparency has been added.

  • ABBR Tag for HTML 4.01

    The ABBR tag from HTML 4.01 is now recognized by Internet Explorer 7.

  • Nested Objects

    Nested objects are now supported.

If you are interested in reading more about the changes in Internet Explorer 7 here’s some links to information on the Microsoft website:

  1. Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7
  2. What’s New in Internet Explorer 7
  3. What’s New in Internet Explorer 7 (Script)

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