Is Your Blog Accessible?

How accessible is your blog (or website for that matter)?

Today’s post in the Accessibility 100 series at Glenda Watson Hyatt’s Do It Myself Blog covers 5 Ways to Increase the Accessibility of Blogs.

Add Accessibility to Your Blog

We have covered some of the points Glenda brings up here at Web Page Mistakes before:

Accessibility Helps Usability and Search Engine Optimization

Other accessibility issues (which are also usability and SEO – search engine optimization issues) we have covered here at Web Page Mistakes are:

As you read through each of the articles above, you will come to find that making a website or blog accessible is not that hard and adds the benefits of being more user and search engine friendly.

Related Reading

“…Numbers don’t lie: According to the American Foundation for the Blind and Statistics Canada, there are 12.8 million blind and print-restricted Americans and 2.8 million similarly disabled Canadians. And with an aging population, expect that number to rise.

The disabled love to surf: Almost half the disabled in North America maintain their independence by using the web. In fact, they spend more time logged on than most nondisabled users….

Add 2.8 Million Readers With Accessible Writing

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2 Responses to Is Your Blog Accessible?

  1. Elijah T. Bryant Says:

    Accessibility is important for a diverse group of users including mobile users, users with disabilities, and even search engine robots.Thanks!!

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