Opening the Lines of Communication

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With the advant of computer technology, the internet, blogging software and assistive technolgy a whole line of communication has become available for those living with disabilities. Today we’d like to share how technology has been key in opening the lines of communication for a person living with cerebral palsy.

Previous we hosted an interview with Glenda Watson Hyatt, a woman with cerebral palsy who is a business woman and has written and published her own autobiography.

Wondering how she’s doing?

December 2010:I’ll Do It Myself is now available for your Kindle.

YouTube Video Introduces the Left Thumb Blogger

Today, Glenda posted a video showing how she blogs using only her left thumb and assistive technology.

The video shows how she writes entries for her blog using only her left thumb, a joystick and special software that helps her complete words as she types. She also uses software to speak in the video.

This video was produced by her husband who also has cerebral palsy.

It is truly amazing how these two just won’t let their disability stand in the way of being successful business people!

On the Road Again

This summer Glenda was back on the road again with her virtual book tour.

On this tour she visited:

  • Thousand Oaks, California, USA
  • Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Southport, Queensland, Australia
  • Sterling, Virginia, USA
  • Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA
  • Terre Haute, Indiana, USA
  • Australia Capital Territory, Australia
  • Cleveland, United Kingdom
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

That poor old left thumb must be plumb tuckered out!

Left Thumb Blogger to Attend Blog World Expo

Glenda and Darrell are going to the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas!

How cool is that!

The Left Thumb Blogger Celebrates the Magical W-List

Glenda has been added to the Top 20 PR PowerWomen go Everywhere — the W-List.

Blog for a Year

In pursuit of fulfilling a childhood dream of writing to share her personal experiences of living with cerebral palsy, Glenda has entered the Blog for a Year contest.

The winner wins a paying blogger position for a year.

January 8, 2008 Update:

  Glenda didn’t win the Blog for a Year contest. She came in Third. Congrats Glenda! This is a great accomplishment.

But….she did get a pro blogging position writing 1-3 posts per week at Disaboom as of December! Her first post, Finding Creative Workarounds within Arbitrary Limitations, was published January 7, 2008.

Left Thumb Blogger Nominated for a Canadian Blog Award

Glenda has been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award!

Blogging Opening the Lines of Communication for the Disabled

This is just one example how the internet, blogging and technology has made life enjoyable and successful for those less fortunate.

How the Internet Has Helped Others

“The internet was made for deafblind people
Equipped with a screen reader and a braille display, the online revolution has been life-changing for many deafblind people.”

The internet was made for deafblind people continued.

What's next?

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9 Responses to Opening the Lines of Communication

  1. Article Submission Says:

    That’s a very inspirational story, I love it.

  2. Bill Gassett Says:

    I can not even imagine trying to blog with only one useful hand. It really is a tribute to her than she has not let her disability effect her desire to use a computer. There are many folks that would just give up.

    Bill Gassett ~ Franklin MA Real Estate

  3. san diego real estate Says:

    Hats off to her determined spirit. I can not even imagine trying to blog with only one useful hand. It really is a tribute to her. Even, I would have gave up if unfortunately I would be on her place. Good job.

  4. Franklin MA Real Estate Says:

    Coming in 4rd place for someone that has this kind of disability is just amazing. It just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it. I love hearing stories about people who triumph against the odds.

  5. Walk In Bathtubs Says:

    Cerebral Palsy is a horrible disease and this is definitely a truly inspiring story. If she can do this then she might influence many more to do the same thing.

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