Starting an Online Business

Starting an online business can be quite daunting whether you are comfortable with computers and the internet or not. There are all kinds of ads and articles on how to start an online business for free.

Web Page Mistakes was created to help new and exisiting website owners see what website mistakes there can be and how to fix them. With these articles the goal is to get you off on the right foot if you are considering starting an online business or if you have an existing website by creating a series of articles on how to start an online business, have your online business project a professional image and build web credibility.

As you get ready to take your brick and mortar business, home based business or turn your hobby into an online business there are a number of things to consider before getting your business online.

Each article will explain the pros and cons of each step of starting your online business. Ideas and techniques for projecting a professional business image and building web credibility will be given along the way.

To be successful on the internet, an online business needs a well thought out business domain name, control of it’s domain name and quality web hosting along with a well designed website visitors will want to bookmark and come back to once they have found you in the search engines..

Through the first part of this series of articles you will work your way through narrowing down your target audience, business domain names, choosing and registering a business domain name then on to securing quality web hosting after you have built your web hosting checklist.

Building a Website

Once you have your business domain name and web hosting secured it will be time to start building your website. We’ll look at website design, website templates, search engine optimization and other factors that will give your online business a professional business image with web credibility.

As you follow along in this series of articles, you will learn that starting an online business is much more than just putting up a website. To be successfull when starting an online business, you will need a professional image, a well constructed website, a search engine friendly website and a website that reflects your business’ credibility.

What's next?

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7 Responses to Starting an Online Business

  1. Barry Says:

    Great info. Thanks. Learned alot. It’s tough starting out and trying to do things right. Reads like this makes life better for us newbs.

  2. Griffins Designs: Flash & Website Says:

    Thanks for posting about this. You point out some good information for people that are starting an online business.

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