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Using the Title Attribute with HTML Elements

Learn about the title attribute, where you can use it to improve the accessibility and usability of your website or blog. A great user experience spins off into incoming links and general word of mouth mention of your site.

A Home Page for Each Category & Folder

Does each category and folder of your site have a “home” page? This might not be a problem for all of you but if you are a DIY website owner you might have forgotten to do this. Folders Without an Index Page If you create a folder (say an image folder or one with your […]

Website URL Structure

Learn how to create a user friendly and search engine friendly url structure for better result standings and click thrus.

Better Usability Through Consistent Design

Improve the return on investment on your website or blog with better usability through a consistant design/theme throughout your site. How your pages use spacing, fonts, graphics and links all influence the success of your site.

Do You Really Need All Those Plugins?

Blogging software, content management systems and ecommerce software already (generally) require more processing on the web server and by the user’s browser due to their programming compared to a static HTML site. What is more important to you? Keeping up with the Jones by using all those plugins just because every one else is doing it or creating a site people want to visit because it loads fast, is not cluttered, provides what they want to see and doesn’t stall because of some 3rd party plugin or feature being unavailable.

Should I Create a Sitemap or HTML Site Map?

There seems to be a big confusion between Sitemaps and a HTML site map for those new to websites. We are going to run through what each is and what they are used for today to try and undo the confusion. First of all, notice the spelling of each. Sitemaps vs site map. Sitemaps are […]

Test Web Page Download Speed

The speed at which your web page(s) load has always played a part in the success of a website or blog. If your website or blog loads slowly, the visitor will just leave. Web surfing people are very impatient. It doesn’t matter how they are accessing your site, if it’s slow you are not going […]

Website Testing

Whether you author a blog, own a website, are a web designer or are a web developer website testing is a must. This testing goes beyond initial testing when the blog or website is launched, it needs to be an on going maintenance task. The website or blog does not have to be live to […]

Browser Specific Design

Creating a browser specific design which uses browser specific tags, scripts and stylesheet selectors will create problems for your visitors who are not using the “right” browser. Today we have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and the new kid on the block, Google Chrome all fighting to be the most popular browser used by Internet users. […]

Best Font Size for Web Design

The font size set for a web page can make it readable, usable and accessible, or not. “A certain trend among designers, believing that small text gives a Web page a sleek appearance and provides more space per “page” for actual content, sometimes results in the use of unreasonably small font sizes. Unfortunately, this does […]

Text Alignment on the Web

Which text alignment do you use on your website? Left, right, center or justified? Did you know that text alignment can affect how easy it is to read a web page? Text Alignment Text alignment refers to how the lines of text on the page line up. There are four basic ways to align text […]

Heading Hierarchy

Heading hierarchy on a web page is little hard for some to understand. In this article, we’ll try to clear up the confusion by comparing heading hierarchy in a web document with how you use headings in a printed document. In web page coding there are heading tags H1 through H6 available to format the […]

404 Error

Have you ever clicked a link to only end up at a page that says that the page does not exist? This is a 404 error which means the link you clicked (or typed) is incorrect, the website was revised/renovated and no redirects were put in place or that the website owner has deleted the […]

Website ROI

Your website is an investment in your business and as such, you would want a return on that investment. We’ll look at website ROI in this article and why it is good business sense to invest time and money into your website. First, let’s look at ROI (return on investment). ROI (Return on Investment) ROI […]

How all Your Web Pages Fit Together

To better understand how all the different web pages fit together on your ecommerce website (or any website actually) let’s look at different scenarios of how someone can enter your website. Remember that a person can enter your website on any page that is indexed by the search engines, they won’t always arrive to your […]