Are Your Podcasts and Videos Reaching All Audiences?

If you have done any research on social networking, podcasting or the use of videos to attract readers to your website or blog, you will find that podcasting and inserting videos into the web page/post is highly recommended as a marketing tool.

Today in Glenda Hyatt Watson’s Accessibility 100 series she brings up a very valid point: Using Transcripts to Increase Your Audience.

Podcasts and Videos for Marketing

Marketers tell you to use podcasts and videos to attract visitors to your website or blog, right? So why don’t they suggest including a transcript of the podcast or video to accommodate those who cannot listen to your podcast/video or see it? You are missing out on a whole section of the internet users.

The Internet has opened the lines of communication to so many people with disabilities or who are otherwise shut in. Why not make it so your podcasts and videos are reaching all audiences?

As an example of what can be done, Darrell of Enabling Abilities to Appear explains how to use digital recorders with Dragon to create transcripts.

Include Transcripts to Reach All Audiences

What a great way to cover your bases! Using podcasts, videos and transcripts to reach all audiences. Not only do you provide accessibility to your website or blog, there’s a copy of your presentation for those who prefer to read your presentation. Great marketing solution!

This isn’t a new idea. UIE Brain Sparks also provide transcripts for their podcasts.

Transcripts for Search Engine Optimization

From Google Videos:

“Users will be able to find your video more easily if you add a transcript to each video file you’ve uploaded via your Video Status page. …”

Google Video Submitting Transcripts

Video Search Engine Optimization Tips and Techniques also suggests that you provide a transcript for your visitors and the search engines.

“Many videos on the net simply aren’t seen because they can’t get discovered. This can be due to lack of promotion, search engine optimization or effort on the part of the creator. But adding closed captions to a video may be one way in which to get some additional traffic to it as well as make the video accessible to those without sound-capable PCs (e.g. many office workers) or those with hearing impairments. Using translation techniques to provide multiple language captions can also drive additional traffic to your content from non-English speakers….”

Video Accessibility, Closed Captions, & Video SEO

Transcripts Add Accessibility

This is yet another demonstration of how easy it is to make a website or blog accessible which also improves the usability and search engine optimization of your website or blog.

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2 Responses to Are Your Podcasts and Videos Reaching All Audiences?

  1. Plan Marketing Says:

    This is a really good idea, including a transcript that is. I don’t know why it is not done more often. I guess maybe because it is time consuming to type everything out.

    I for one dislike videos because when I want to go through a page quickly, I can scan the page text. With videos you have to invest more time listening.

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